Mandi Gets Cloudy at the Beach

Last time we went to San Diego, we met with our Ganja Girl Mandi, who had found an awesome beach-spot to do a shoot. Needless to say, she wasn’t wrong. In this shoot, we had some fun with our toys from @cloudVapes and @empireglassworks. The wind was going bonkers, which made for a different kind of set than we usually get. Enjoy!

It was so windy at the beach we decided to head back to the hotel to do the video part of the shoot.

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👭 INSTAGRAM: @MandieBear_@MandieBear_
GLASS: @EmpireGlassWorks@EmpireGlassWorks
💨 VAPE: @CloudVapes@CloudVapes
📷 PHOTO CRED: @Mike.FX@Mike.FX
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