• What are the "Ganja Girls"?

    Ganja Girls is a subculture lifestyle brand that redefines what it means to be a “Stoner Girl“. With our gorgeous models and large cult following, we aim to normalize the use of marijuana… one viral photo at a time.

    “We’re not what’s wrong with the marijuana community, We are the marijuana community.”

  • How does one become a "Ganja Girl"?

    If you want to get featured on one of our social networks or want to do a photo shoot with us… ether way, all you got to do is go to TheGanjaGirls.com/submit and fill out the form. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

  • Who built your website?

    Actually… I did 🙂 Besides running the Ganja Girls network, I also own the leading web design firm in LA right now nouveau.io

  • What are all the Ganja Girls Instagram feeds?

    We actually run quite a few Instagram feeds and post unique content to all of them:

    @Ganja.Girls – This is our main Instagram feed that we post all our new photo sets and submissions on.

    @GanjaGirlVideos – This is our video feed. If you like our video edits then you might want to follow this one.

    @Iloveganjagirls – This is our backup feed just in case Instagram decides to delete our main feed again. 🙁

    @WeedSocks – We get so many weed socks submissions that I had to make a feed just for them.

    @Mike.FX – This is my personal photography portfolio feed… I post a lot of photos there that I cant post on this site.

    @HighestHeaven – Highest Heaven runs the Ganja Girls network with me and her feed is part of it.

    @Highest.Heaven – This is Highest Heavens backup feed.

  • What happened to GanjaGirls.me

    GanjaGirls.me was more of an experiment than anything else…. sometimes the new needs to replace the old 🙂

  • Why is Highest Heaven in so many sets?

    Well… She runs the Ganja Girls network with me and she happens to be at every single photo shoot 🙂 Not to mention, nearly every model request to shoot with her, so we try and oblige as much as possible.

  • How can my company sponsor a Ganja Girls photo shoot?

    If you’re interested in sponsoring one of our photo shoots, please check out this page TheGanjaGirls.com/advertise

  • How can my company advertise with Ganja Girls?

    If you’re interested in advertising your product or service on one of the Ganja Girls social networks or on our website, please check out this page TheGanjaGirls.com/advertise

  • How long has the Ganja Girls been around?

    I started the Ganja Girls in 2009 with a magazine I published called “Cloud Magazine” and my first website called HowToGrowBud.com (which was terrible). But we really didn’t take off until 2012 when Highest Heaven started running the photo shoots with me… I guess we just needed a feminine touch lol.

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